Thoughts on Jack3d by USP Labs

I’m almost through a container of the Blue Raspberry flavor of Jack3d. I’ve used it a few times before, but I have never really been a huge fan. I feel like it gives me the jitters more than other products, and for some reason it elevates my heart rate more than other pre-workout products. This … Read more


Last week I decided to change my split from the push/pull routine that I have been doing for almost three months to a more traditional bodybuilding split.  Well, here I am a week later changing it up again. Not that much, though. I’m simply taking my leg day on Wednesday and changing it to a … Read more

Changing My Split

Several recent out-of-town trips for work threw me off my Build Power schedule. During my travels I switched to a push/pull style routine and tried to stick with working the entire body twice per week. Well, I failed. I simply did not keep up with the amount of volume that I needed to. Today I’m … Read more

The Importance of Rest Day

Waking up this morning I realized just how badly I needed that rest day yesterday. I can normally workout seven days a week because of the way I do my split, which gives me enough rest for each body part before working it again. But I have been pushing myself harder lately, stacking workouts and … Read more