The Honest Truth About Fitness

The fat in everyone is different, and everyone’s body responds to exercise in different ways. While there certainly are scientific methods of exercise that generally work, advancement in the art and sport of exercise requires a personal connection between the athlete and the exercise. Each exercise, each routine, and each complete program must be personalized … Read more

Gym Etiquette

The following are some general rules of etiquette that should be observed in a gym. In everything, apply the Golden Rule. 1. Bring a towel Most commercial gyms do not provide towels. You’ll need it to wipe your sweat off the equipment after using it. Sometimes you may need it to wipe someone else’s sweat … Read more

5 Ways to Feel More Confident in the Gym

For most people, particularly when you first start going, the gym can be an intimidating environment. There seem to be so many people around that “look better then me” or you just tend to feel self-conscious about how you are dressed, how to use the various equipment, or that that you use small weights. I … Read more