Hi, I’m Justin, your Chief Journeyman.

I created this place because I enjoy exploring and experimenting with strength and fitness. But I don’t want this place to be just about me, that would suck. I want you to join me on a Barbell Journey. Together we’ll become Smarter, Stronger, and Harder to Kill. (Pro tip: It’s not hard to get started.)



Seven Basic Movements

Exercise is easily confusing, but when you subtract away all the fancy, flashy, showy, moves, you end up with just seven basic movements. Master you understanding of these will give you a greater understanding of yourself.


Set Training

“Tech-talk” around the gym usually deals with using various set methods in a workout to achieve a desired goal. When just starting out, or when getting serious about lifting, it can be confusing. What the heck is the difference between a super-set and a giant-set anyway?


Core Abs Routine

Any basic abdominal routine should hit every stretch, contraction, and rotation angle of the core. This is how I do it in 175 reps.

The Importance of Rest Day

Some days you just don’t have much energy in the gym. If you have been training for a while, it’s probably because you’re not getting enough rest. Here’s how I mange it.